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Uses :

Cardio-tonic,Corrcts Blood flow

Why Use Nelumbo nucifera?

Most of the evidence currently is either using extracts of the plant itself which find benefits that can be achieved with other supplements due to being general end points, or they use isolated Neferine in relatively high doses. Studies using isolated Neferine note anti-depressant and sedative properties which are seemingly potent, and some possible anti-obesogenic (not necessarily fat burning) and anti-diabetic properties. Some fat burning properties have been noted with the whole plant, but these are not overly remarkable.


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Botanical & English name :

Nelumbo nucifera

Benefits and Healing Effects

  • Positive Mood: When you have Vitamin B, you also get pyridoxine in the body.
  • Regulates Normal Blood Pressure: Potassium is found in sufficient amounts in lotus roots, which means consumption of this part can give a healthy heart.
  • Promotes Digestion: Lotus part is also full of dietary fibre. By partaking this food, you can also manage your weight.
  • Boosts Immunity: Among the vitamins, Vitamin C is the most abundant. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant to neutralize harmful radicals.
  • Promotes Healthy Eyes, Skin, and Hair: Another vitamin found in lotus roots is vitamin A, which improves the health of hair, eyes, and skin.


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