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Uses :


Why Use Andrograpis panniculata?

Nilavembu has been used for liver complaints and fever, and as an anti-inflammatory and immunostimulant. In clinical trials, Andrographis extract has been studied for use as an immunostimulant in upper respiratory tract infections and HIV infection. The potential of andrographolide as an anticancer agent is being investigated..

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Botanical & English name :

Andrograpis panniculata

Benefits and Healing Effects

  • Common cold. Some research shows that taking a specific andrographis extract in combination with Siberian ginseng (Kan Jang, Swedish Herbal Institute) by mouth improves symptoms of the common cold when started within 72 hours of feeling sick. Some research suggests this combination of andrographis and Siberian ginseng relieves cold symptoms in children better than echinacea.
  • Reducing the fever and sore throat due to tonsillitis. Some research shows that high dose andrographis.
  • Inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis). Early research suggests that taking andrographis extract daily for 8 weeks reduces symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease about as well as the drug mesalamine.


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