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Keelanelli Powder


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Uses :


Why Use Phyllanthus niruri?

Phyllanthus niruri extracts may have benefits of liver protection. Its protein fractions
protected liver tissues against oxidative stress by improving anti-oxidative defense in
mice. It may also benefit hepatitis B.

The Phyllanthus niruri contain alkaloids, lignans, amarin, gernanin, corilagin and rutin.

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Botanical & English name :

Phyllanthus niruri

Benefits and Healing Effects

  • Kidney Stones: In both traditional and modern medicine, Stonebreaker is believed to help prevent nephrolithiasis (kidney stones).
  • Anti-liver damage: Phyllanthus niruri shows potential to prevent liver damage.P.niruri protects liver tissues and helps stimulate the liver to repair itself.
  • Anti-tumor activity: Chemoprevention is defined as the use of drugs, chemicals, or other means to prevent and/or delay the development of cancer. Results suggest Stonebreaker extracts display significant anti-tumor activity and is thus an affective chemopreventive agent.
  • Diabetes treatment: Additionally, P. niruri displays evidence of anti-diabetic activity,findings suggest the lowered blood glucose levels were caused by the aerial extracts.


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