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Uses :

Vitamin-C supplement

Why Use emblica officinalis?

The fruit also known as Indian gooseberry or Amla, has been an herbal component believed to slow down the aging process, but is also used to treat many ailments such as common cold and fever, as a diuretic, laxative, liver tonic, refrigerant, stomachic, restorative, alterative, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, hair tonic, to prevent peptic ulcer and dyspepsia, and as a digestive.

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Botanical & English name :

Emblica officinalis

Benefits and Healing Effects

Rejuvenative for the liver

Helps balance blood sugar

Supports a healthy reproductive system

Promotes stable and healthy energy levels

Protector and tonic for the heart by supporting healthy cholesterol levels and integrity and cleanliness of the arterial walls

Cleanses and nourishes the blood

Awakens Digestion

Promotes healthy hair

Tonic for a clear mind

Corrects the flow of vata

Protects and tonifies the eyes.


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